Who does not like games? But, beyond that: who does not like attractive, practical and well-designed games? Team8 has arrived to try to answer many of the questions that you have raised about the games. In addition, Team8 is a space to comment and discuss the graphic design of games, as well as the design of games according to the specific theme. This is a place where you can read analysis, advice, recommendations and information, so that you always keep up to date on the theme of game design.

Space for analysis

There is a lot of talk about design, but little is analyzed. Game design is a deep and intense work area that satisfies the lives of millions of people but is not always well rewarded. Many think that being a game designer is simply being a graphic designer, but no. Team8 is a blog that will analyze the work a game designer must do, as well as the different challenges he faces. The new trends and novelties in the world of game design will also have space in the analysis of Team8.

Specific topics

Although it seems evident that the design of games is very complex and extensive, there is not much content that can talk about this subject without going into specific topics. Team8 has proposed to address specific issues, such as the design of casino games, or even the design of games on mobile devices. The key is to touch a large number of areas in which users can feel identified with useful information, advice and analysis, that they can use in their day to day.

Team8 is a blog that will always talk about games, and more specifically, about game design. If this is a topic that catches your attention or with which you work constantly, this is also your blog. You are welcome.