3 Challenges for Mobile Game Designers Must Address

Who has not played a game on a cell phone or tablet? What, until a few years ago, was something very difficult to elaborate and only relegated as an additional part of the phones, is one of the main businesses of smartphones today. But to be able to design a good game for a cell phone, it is necessary to take into account what the needs of the users are and how to make them feel completely comfortable playing. Next, we will present you three challenges that you, game designer, must take into account.

Intuitive Explanations

A new game on a cell phone? The first thing a person should know is how to play it. But a designer should keep in mind that, in general, there are two types of players: those who start playing and discover what the rules are while they play and those who prefer to read the instructions or watch a trailer to see how the game works. The graphic designer of the game must elaborate a strategy in both circumstances. The challenge in this aspect is to allow the game to be intuitive enough to be understood while playing,and also to include written or graphic explanations that can provide simple and concrete explanations.

Light Interface

A designer can make a beautiful game, but it is useless if it does not load quickly on the phone. We must remember that there are many countries in the world with tremendously slow internet connections, and that, in addition, the consumption of data is expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to make attractive but light interfaces, in order to attract the largest number of users so that they spend a lot of time entertaining themselves playing the game. The weight of the images and the inserted designs is essential to determine if the game will load quickly or not. The designer must consider all these aspects when designing. It is important for the designer to calculate the load of the interface beforehand.

Constant Updates

The applications, both for Android and iOS are constantly updated. In fact, most smartphones have options to update automatically, without notifying the user. For this reason, the designer must always be attentive to all the changes required, including, urgency to send updates as quickly as necessary and improve the game. Additionally, in the long term, it is possible to plan the redesign of the game to keep users updated and maintain the attractive nature of the game.