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Design of casino games: the game of attraction

Casinos and bets are no longer just a physical place. All over the world, casinos have now moved into the digital world, and have millions of players who invest their money from the comfort of their home.

5 Best Online Casino Games

Do you miss going to the casino with your friends, earning some money and having a good time? Or do you want to keep betting but don’t have time to move to the casino to do it?

How to Start Being a Game Designer?

You may be a magnificent graphic designer, in your free time or even, you devote yourself to graphic design as a professional career. But designing games is something much more specific, which requires more studies and work.

3 Challenges for Mobile Game Designers Must Address

Who has not played a game on a cell phone or tablet? What, until a few years ago, was something very difficult to elaborate and only relegated as an additional part of the phones, is one of