Design of casino games: the game of attraction

Casinos and bets are no longer just a physical place. All over the world, casinos have now moved into the digital world, and have millions of players who invest their money from the comfort of their home. Historically, casinos have had a very particular graphic reality, filled with an enormous amount saturated with colors, often unrelated to each other. The colors of the casinos are very varied, and their combinations identify these spaces. But, how are the colors of the digital casinos?

The fact that it is on a website does not mean that the casino or the betting page has changed its colors. For example: poker games keep their color combination black, red, green and white, even on the web. Other games of chance keep all the colors possible, to make users transmit the casino experience at its best. However, sports betting websites such as have opted for a defined color palette. So, how is the design of casino games online nowadays?

The attraction of the traditional

Casinos have been in existence for more than a century in all parts of the world. And the truth is that they all have elements that make them look like each other: poker, cards, gaming machines, bingo, bets in general. This is also reflected in the multicolored graphic design. The more colors and the more luxurious feeling there is, the better. That’s why elements like diamonds or any golden object are also important.

This type of features has been transmitted to the digital world, and even more so since casinos are a safer space. Today it is possible to see many websites of digital casinos that maintain that aesthetic, typical of physical casinos. Many of them have specialized directly in areas of gambling, which has allowed them to develop specific colors, as happens in the world of poker. But have all brands taken the colors of physical casinos to digital casinos?

Brand colors

The other great side of the world of digital betting in design are those that have adopted specific colors that distinguish them. In this way, they will not be simply a casino or a bet site web, but a company with colors that will help people to identify them. These brands want to generate colors to achieve the attraction of multiple users, who can now think about them and understand that it is a specific company that can give you confidence to bet.

For example, in the case of Unibet Sportsbook, the brand has chosen green and white as its institutional colors. That makes your customers know that whenever there is something green and white, Unibet will be present. It is a symbol of trust and brand. This is happening more and more frequently among sports betting houses, because many want to distance themselves from the traditional casino business.

Many people are not attracted at all by games like poker, or by betting money through a card game. But, on the contrary, there are many sports fans who are sure of the victory of their team and they want to bet. By having different audiences, the colors and graphic design of the website will be completely different. It is already possible to see a division between the games of chance and those bets of sports or other results. And you, in what aspect do you find yourself? Which do you think is the best?