Games are an exciting world, regardless of the place from which you see them. There are so many areas in which games can be studied, which is generally understood as a world where anyone can find a passion. As you can see, in games there are different points of view, and many job opportunities have been generated with them. One of the primary careers is that of the designers. Team8 was born to be able to tell all the stories of the games, with particular emphasis on the design of them and all areas of work.

Have you ever wondered why the design of games is important? We, from Team8, asked that too. Our primary purpose is to be able to offer users information about the design of the games; this is a subject which the news never stops offering, but they deserve a space to be able to understand the issue. Team8 wants to allow all its readers the opportunity of learning their impressions on the designs of the games, the news service and the analysis on the different areas of study and work, in which millions of professionals dedicate themselves daily.

About Us

Team8 is a space for you to read all about the world of games, with a special and particular focus on their design. We are a team of people who will enjoy telling you the day to day story of the games, as well as making an important analysis of current trends in the matter. Also, in Team8, the different components of the designs of the games are studied, as well as their different thematic categories. Whatever our content, Team8 will be an open space for debate and proposals to improve and continue to expand our ability to work.


Games are more than a passion. Many professionals from any area work with them, and you have to be informed about the news which is presented in the world of games. Also, our purpose is to keep readers up to date on the latest developments in the world of game design, always focused on professionals, and fans of games can have Team8 as a reference space. Beyond the information, Team8 proposes analysis and debate.


The world of games is significant, and Team8 understands why it is that way. Knowing about games and their design is a necessity for many, and Team8 has come to keep their audience informed. For that, it will always be important to produce content related to the novelties of the designs in thematic areas, such as games about casinos, or also about graphic designs. Team8 cannot see the world without games, and therefore, dedicates all of its content to everyone, so that they can receive the best information and analysis.


Respect for professionals who work with games is the main value which moves Team8. The work of the world of games is vital, so we respect and promote it. The commitment to information and news is also essential. Also, innovation is an important value, so Team8 wants always to bring the newest ideas and give space to all new proposals in the area of ​​game design.

Why Choose the Games?

Who has not ever played an entertaining game? Games are something as big as the world itself. Since childhood, we have all been involved in some kind of game. Many are a fan of table games, others have already evolved to online games, while some prefer to download them to the PC. The games on mobile phones have also involved almost everyone; we are entirely surrounded by games. So, why not talk about games?

Especially since the first advent of the internet, the concept of understanding games has changed completely. Team8 is considered as a space on the internet ready to discuss any area of ​​the games, but with particular emphasis on design, which is an issue that is in constant movement.

Why Talk About the Design of Games is Important?

Anyone who sees an image of just five years ago can perfectly well realise that it is not something current. The cameras improve day by day, the graphic design tools also, and the games are continually evolving. What does that imply? That the design of games is something which is continuously changing, is what allows websites such as Team8 to exist and offer their users all kinds of information and analysis.

It is not enough just to describe the design of the games. It is vital to work with the constant changes which are being made through analysis and new issues. The interpretation of the future of the design of the games is an essential characteristic of Team8.

Conversation Topics

Our conversation topics are very varied but always focused on games and design. Of them, we can identify two main branches; the analysis according to the graphic design, and the one which analyses the different topics to be considered.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are one of the leading professionals responsible for game design. Trends are constantly changing, so graphic designers work daily to improve games, of any kind. In Team 8, we bring information and analysis about the graphic design of all types of games, as well as invite you to comment on future changes which may happen.

Do you want to talk about colours? Or about formats and structures? Are you interested to know how the most delightful graphics designs on mobile phones are created? Graphic design is the essential pillar of the world of game design, so the information provided from that area is crucial, so you can improve your professional performance in the field.

Thematic Design

Another area of ​​study will be based on the theme of the games. Do you like table games? Or do you prefer online casino games? The design will always be present, and Team8 will inform and analyse the trends in each thematic area that the games exist. Not everyone in the game evolves in the same way, but Team8 analyses each of its branches to get its users the best possible content, specialised but very enriching.